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LDCM-200 Cleaning Specifications

Applied Vehicle : Large 5 tonnes, vehicles with 25 seat or more
Size : W1500*H1800*D750
Weight : 300kg
Quality : BodySUS / Component AL, FE Plating
Optional shunt : Heated burner, PMC burner, CIRCLE system, Automatic pulse system, Viblator, Back pressure test, triple filtering collector
Explanation : Large DPF with a diameter of 170mm or higher, PMC (more than 1 sphere) workable, compact, 1 ton-top travel system, and small indoor installation in a small area

LUSTER DPF Cleaning, it's so good.

In case of dry DPF cleaning, which is an effective cleaning method, it ensures excellent DPF cleaning without damage through high-pressure fluoride. It also provides mobile equipment through the miniaturization of DPF equipment, operates without smoke, dust, noise, or secondary contaminants, improves durability, corrosion resistance through the use of full stainless body, and is designed with double stability. Through touch screen automation, it is effective and has reduced working time, eco-friendly, durability, safety and convenience.

  • Drug formula

    relatively large use
    the lowest cost
    High re-blocking rate
    low cleaning rate
    Unable to discharge ASH
    Wall Damage Rate Very High
  • Water pressure

    relatively inexpensive equipment
    the way it is now universal
    deodorant washing
    dilatation of bile stomata
    No operation immediately after cleaning
    Occurrence of waste water
    Damages to the wall
    Severe desiccation deviation
  • Electric coil oven

    No damage to the wall
    high cleaning rate
    Dedicated equipment for use (trucks, buses)
    Long Cleaning Time (10 hours)
    large and expensive equipment price
    Expensive Cleaning Costs
    Unable to move after installation
    Unable to wash according to the model
  • Direct fire

    Group Damage Rate Slightly Low
    a big, expensive price
    Unable to move after installation
    Low washing power during dry cleaning
    Cleaning Environment Bad

    Pyrogenic high pressure

    • Small+Commercial Integrated Equipment
    • Damaged body rate of 0%
    • Quick Cleaning Time
      (Small 40 minutes, large 1 hour)
    • Equipment size miniaturization
    • Travel Business Available
    • High cleaning rate without deviation

※ Time excluding removable time.

  • Cleaning detergent
  • Wet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning : recommended cleaning method by MECA, the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association; conventionally applies to comercial vehicles


  • 1
    NFHTP Dry Burning Patents

    In a highly inflammable pressure system, only 800 degrees of air are injected under pressure. In a short period of time, the entire wall is heated evenly, and there is no damage to the DPF while burning the PM.

  • 2
    VACUUM Air Pulse Patent Technology

    By vacuuming the cleaning room and pushing it to a strong pulse pressure in the wall, it is very effective and completely intact.

  • 3
    CICRCLE Air Nozzle-Ring

    The high pressure injection nozzle is as close to the wall as possible, drawing a circle throughout all holes and draining Ash.

  • 4
    Back pressure test function

    Each vehicle can be tested for precise back pressure with different exhaust volumes and wind pressures.

  • 5
    Baghouse function

    By filtering all substances generated during operation in three stages, clean air is emitted without dust, smoke, or smell, and the automatic filter cleaning function enables continuous dust collection.

  • 6
    Safety Device Functions

    Double safety features trust the safety and durability of the equipment.

  • 7
    Cooling function

    Five minutes after heating type, it cools from 800 to 700 degrees to 50 degrees, so there is no risk of burn, and there is less time to work.

  • 8

    The compact size of the equipment makes it easy to use and convenient to use with the touchpad and automation system

Order of operation

Scaling  Back pressure test  Heating  Coling  Air Pulse  Back pressure test  Scaling

※ Operation time ●Small (40 to 60 minutes) ●Large (DPF 40 to 80 minutes, PMC 100 to 120 minutes)

Comparison before and after DPF cleaning

DPF Cleaning precision back
pressure test



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